King Corn

21 Mar

In the documentary King Corn, Curt and Ian had traveled around the country to see how much corn Americans really consume and how much its unhealthy for us. What surprised me the most in this film was how much corn we actually consume in our daily lives. All processed foods are made with corn. Even the meat that we cook is fed with mostly corn. Animals are forced to eat corn to gain weight and get fat and be slaughtered and sold to a local market near you. However, the average American spends a smaller percentage of their income on food than ever before in American history. Food is cheaper. Even parents who have low income jobs can now afford to feed a family of four with their salary. But what does it matter if the food isn’t healthy? In my opinion, if Americans would have to pay more just to have a healthier diet , that’s a price they would just have to pay. I would like the government to spend my tax dollars on food that wouldn’t kill me in the long run.


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