King Corn – By Muhsin

21 Mar

Muhsin Mahfooz

1)Did anything in this film surprise you? 2) Disturb you? 3)Inspire you?

1- It surprised me that Ian and Curt got $28 just for starting to plant corn crops. The government literally pays you for planting corn. That’s the first time I heard of getting paid to grow crops. I also was surprised that so much of our food is made of corn that we don’t even realize it. Its surprises me that most of these corn growers are people whose parents and ancestors that also grew corn. Its a family business passed down. From watching this movie, its so much easier to grow corn with all the technology advancements that have developed. It’s surprising how fast the corn grows now. It’s surprising that all 7,000 acres of corn that’s grown in Colorado is all fed to the cattle. It’s surprising that the feed-lot worker in the movie was actually right, America wants cheap meat. The farmers are doing what the consumers want. They could have all grass fed beef but that would be expensive and would take long to harvest, so that’s not what most of America is looking for.

2- It disturbed me how most of the meat we eat come from animals that are fed corn. I In their natural habitat, cows eat grass, but now are fed corn so that they grow faster. I learned that its all about profit, the fastest way to get money in the pockets. All the animals are put in tight areas clumped together so that they walk less and gain weight fast, not caring about the animals. Its pure cruelty.  It disturbs me that having corn in everything we eat is really bad for us, a lot of people don’t know about this and need to be educated about it. It disturbs me that back in the day, the farmers grew food for themselves. Now the irony is that an Iowa farmer cant feed himself with the corn crops he grows. Corn is very bad for the cattle, feeding them corn is basically killing them slowly, its very bad for them. If they didn’t slaughter them, they would die in 6 months regardless from taking in all that corn. Its disgusting that the animals are fed what there not supposed to eat and on top of that are given antibiotics so they wouldn’t get sick.

3- This movie inspired me to actually look at the ingredients and try and make healthy choices at times because when do most of us teens actually care about whats in the ingredients? I could care less before, but now I will try choosing foods that are better for me because at the end of the day, we are what we eat. It disturbs me how they spray ammonia onto the corn to grow faster and fuller. In my opinion, that is so unnatural. Its inspiring to me that if I ever have cattle that I have to feed, I would taste test them both. I would have one that I feed all corn and then I would have one that I feed all grass, which is what they would naturally eat. I want to see that if there is an actual taste between them both too? I feel pretty sure that i will taste a major difference between the 2 meats, that the grass fed cattle would be better.


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