24 Mar

Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

I didn’t know that cattle eat corn in there whole life in U.S. In this film it shows  how corn  are now mostly all in  our foods that we eat. Corn are really big manufacture in United State.There are so many stuffs are made out of corn for example, corn syrups which is in soda, chocolates etc. U.S agricultural  policy  said, “in 2007, 92.9 million acres of farmland were devoted to growing corn. In contrast, 2 million acres were planted in vegetables.” This data shows how corn are really important for this country rather than vegetable which are more healthy for us.  This is really surprising  how people grow so much corn, which really don’t help us as much as other vegetable do for body.

What are the benefits and drawback of having cheap food available?Would you be willing to pay more for good food that was grown or raised in more healthy ways for people and/or for the environment? Why or why not? Do you currently purchase foods that are locally produced or organic, even though they are more expensive than food produced  using commercial farming methods? why or why not?

As you know mostly  processed food are made out of corns is either corn syrup or something to do with corn. I knew that processed food is one of the cause of obesity and heart disease and other health problems. Government paying farmer to grow corn so they can make syrups or oil and add in our food. The benefits of having food is available for everyone and it cost less.  You have more food and more variety.  I would  pay more to have good and healthy foods. Its better to give more money and to good food.


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