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6 Mar

What question would you ask Ian or Curt?

I would ask Curt, would you like to be a farmer? I saw you talk to farmers and about the crops that they grow. I don’t know if you want to be a farmer after you learned about the payment that they made. Farmers made their payment mostly out from corn because product like meat, drink, oil, etc. are made of corn. You can make money, but the corns will take awhile to grow fully to sell.

Did anything during that film that surprising, disturb, or interest you?

Something that surprising was that high fructose corn syrup was easily made. HFCS is one of the causes of diabetes also gain weight. HFCS could be found in hamburger patties, soda, and other item that contain HFCS. You could check it on the label on food. One thing that disturb me was that the way they treat the animals on the farm. Before the farmers trap animals in a small radius using forts, animals have a lot of space to run around in and eat grass which was good for them. Soon later, the farmers think that it is better to reduce space for the animals to run around in and that they should eat corn instead of grass. They say that if animals have less space that mean they have to eat more. If corn is cheap, then why not fed them corn in order to increase the amount of meat and fat in the animals. One things that was interesting was the hair contain corns in them. I never knew that hair contain corns, this is my first time I heard of it. I never knew the food I eat, have corn inside of it.

Do you think you will change anything about the way you eat?

I think that I should be responsible for the foods I eat. If I eat too much food that contain corn, then I hurt my stomach and will affect me in later years. I think that eat too much food that contain corns will could kill you if you don’t watch out for it. If I drink too much stuff that contained HFCS in it. I would have a possibility of having diabetes. I think that it is bad after I heard the taxi driver talk about his father. His father say that he rather die than going in for another operation. Diabetes is a dangerous thing so I should reduced the limit of drinking.