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King Corn

24 Mar

If you could ask Curt or Ian a question, what would you ask and why?

I would ask Ian, ” Would you still see fast food after you realized that some foods contained corn inside of it?” Why would I ask a question like that is, because when I heard that animals that fed corn also most corn products are in foods and drinks that we eat. In the documentary, they ate fast food like hamburger which is beef that has corn in it and drink soda that contain high fructose corn syrup. In the end, they leave the country and I was curious if they still eat fast food after they discover corn in it.  I wonder if Ian change his way of eat or that he will continue on eating fast food after the adventure he had with Curt.

Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

One thing that surprise me during the documentary was that the country has  mountains full of corn seeds. People get more money for farming acre of  beans than corns. Corns have different color than yellow. I didn’t know corns were came from the south. One thing that disturb me during the documentary was that in the introduction, the scientist inform Ian and Curt that their hair contained corn in them. He say that the food that we eat affect your body. The cows are fed with corn and have no area to walk around in. They place a hole in the cow stomach in order to observe when they will die. They will eat them before they die. The hamburger patties is mostly fat that contained corns. One thing that inspire

Do you think you will change anything about the way you eat?

After discovering that my corn contain mostly due to food. Also that high fructose corn syrup are dangerous and that it is in soda. The taxi driver say that his father died due to diabetes and his father decline when the doctor told him to remove the leg. The taxi driver’s father say that he rather died than doing another operation. I believe that I lower the amount of soda drink per weeks. I should read the label to check the ingredients.