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King Corn

21 Mar

Did anything in this film surprise you ? Disturb you ? Inspire you ?

Something in this film that surprised me and disturbed me was the evolution of farms and the transition from fruits and vegetables to corn . These days farms are not even farms. Farms before ( 1970’s and past) were all about raising healthy fruits and vegetables. Working on a farm or owning one was because they were passionate about it. They loved doing it. Now a days the government pays the farmer and makes them grow as much corn as they can . They have now turned farms into land that is used to grow corn. A WHOLE LOT OF CORN! So much corn that acres and acres are bought just to grow corn. Nearly 80,000,000 acres are used just for growing corn and we (U.S) ┬ánearly produce 11.2 BILLION bushels per year. That’s more than 1 bushel for every single person on this planet. And that’s just the U.S. alone. The whole world produces about 690,668,292 TONS of corn every year. Corn these days has taken over the food industry. Nearly everything that is processed has trace of corn. Forget about processed food even beef and other farm animals are fed corn. There so much corn that the price of corn gets cheaper and cheaper. So cheap that farmers feed their livestock corn because it cost less. However the cows must pay a high price. They start to get sick, gain weight at a very rapid rate, have shorter lifespans. Something that inspired me was to grow food on a farm. I just found it really cool to see the food you eat grow right in front of your eyes. Growing food on a farm for me would be like “turning back the clock ” because my grandparents and great grandparents were raised on a farm. It would be amazing to have a 1900s or even 1800s experience in the 21st century.