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15 Nov

A bodega is a store were they sell different types of foods. Mostly foods like sandwiches, canned foods, and processed foods like sugary snacks. A bodega could be both good and bad because it does have some supply of healthy food such as canned beans, plantains, and somewhat fruits and vegetables. It isn’t healthy as well because the owners do sell a lot of unhealthy snacks and sandwiches mostly because of the demands of the general public. Bodega owners sell what their customers ask for and fresh food isn’t as popular because of its expensive nature. A question that has been asked is do bodega sell mostly snacks and sandwiches because of its popularity or because that’s what is available to them? I believe that the owners choose to sell these things is because that’s what they are selling the most. I believe that it depends on the customers what they choose to buy. When going to a bodega your most likely to buy snacks then fruits and vegetables and this is why these products are sold. It all depends on the stats and whats profitable to the owner. Bodegas are good because it does have different types of foods and its a good way to get fast food. Its also good because there are also inexpensive foods that are good for you like plantains and canned beans. Bodegas are convenient for the consumers making it more good then bad.