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King Corn

5 Mar

-Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

It surprised me that corn is in everything even things like soda. They use corn as a sweetener and they feed it to cows instead of what they’re supposed to eat which is grass.

-Prior to viewing KING CORN, what image(s) came to mind when someone mentioned farms or farming? Did what you saw confirm or challenge that image? What did you learn from the film about current farming practices?

When I think of ¬†farming I think of a few chickens running around, a couple cows, and a couple pigs. I think of a big red house and a white picket fence and the farmer has a relationship with his animals. What I saw was a bunch of cows all shoved into one area. It didn’t look like they had space to walk around and they pooped right on top of each other. The farmers didn’t really care for their animals all they care for is their profit.