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King Corn

21 Mar

In the documentary King Corn, Curt and Ian had traveled around the country to see how much corn Americans really consume and how much its unhealthy for us. What surprised me the most in this film was how much corn we actually consume in our daily lives. All processed foods are made with corn. Even the meat that we cook is fed with mostly corn. Animals are forced to eat corn to gain weight and get fat and be slaughtered and sold to a local market near you. However, the average American spends a smaller percentage of their income on food than ever before in American history. Food is cheaper. Even parents who have low income jobs can now afford to feed a family of four with their salary. But what does it matter if the food isn’t healthy? In my opinion, if Americans would have to pay more just to have a healthier diet , that’s a price they would just have to pay. I would like the government to spend my tax dollars on food that wouldn’t kill me in the long run.


The night of Thanksgiving…

15 Nov

Just like any other average family in America, my family members get together and give thanks to what they adore in life. My mother always goes crazy with all the sweet potato pie, turkey with stuffing, and fried chicken. But there’s nothing more I look forward to then my mother’s steam collard greens and baked macaroni and cheese. But it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at my house without the ham and pineapples. Sometimes, when my mother was not trying to cook everything herself, I got to help her make some of the food. But, now since I’m older, she tries to put most of the cooking on me. she tells me that I have to pass down our family food traditions, because my sisters don’t know how to cook.

My Bodega…

15 Nov

A Bodega is a small mini market usually located no more then a couple blocks away from a neighborhood. Its usually in a Spanish speaking community. Bodegas are very important in our society. In New York City , we lack supermarkets so the need for  local mini markets help a lot with travel and availability. But I do not agree with Bodegas because of how much unhealthy foods they possess. If we have more supermarkets and less bodegas, then obesity would most likely drop in NYC. But, because we don’t have local food marketing, we are forced to rely on whole and processed food that has to be imported from other states. People eat what is in the bodegas because its close by and their food choice is limit, not many people can afford healthy food all the time , especially when its rarely around them. I believe that bodegas are bad for communities because they don’t sell enough healthy and they promote food that is cheap and processed and most kids and adults don’t know what they’re consuming which can be bad for them.

My interview with a beautiful woman By: Genaro

7 Dec

Essence’s family celebrates Thanksgiving like every other family in America. Her family comes together and has a feast fit for a king and his kingdom. One of Essence’s favorite dish on Thanksgiving is ham. Her reason for liking ham, is because it taste amazing.  Because of her culture, which is African-American, they make some of the best meals on Thanksgiving in my opinion. Of course they start with a turkey, then they top it off with ham, mac N’ cheese, collard greens, cranberry sauce, stuffing, rice and beans , Fried chicken, sweet potato pie, corn, and mash potatoes. Unlike rice and corn, she dosen’t get to eat foods like this everyday throughout the year. The excitement she gets from hearing stories about her great grandmother and her baked ziti, she cant wait until Thanksgiving arrives at her doorstep. Her mother decides what she eats every year. A special time like Thanksgiving brings the family together and food in everybody’s stomach. But, a special occasion like this always come to an end. I asked her if she could make up a holiday, what would it look like? What would you do, eat, or where would you go? She said “Nowhere, just hang out with her family all day long, eat, drink, and be happy :)”