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King Corn

21 Mar

In the documentary King Corn, Curt and Ian had traveled around the country to see how much corn Americans really consume and how much its unhealthy for us. What surprised me the most in this film was how much corn we actually consume in our daily lives. All processed foods are made with corn. Even the meat that we cook is fed with mostly corn. Animals are forced to eat corn to gain weight and get fat and be slaughtered and sold to a local market near you. However, the average American spends a smaller percentage of their income on food than ever before in American history. Food is cheaper. Even parents who have low income jobs can now afford to feed a family of four with their salary. But what does it matter if the food isn’t healthy? In my opinion, if Americans would have to pay more just to have a healthier diet , that’s a price they would just have to pay. I would like the government to spend my tax dollars on food that wouldn’t kill me in the long run.


King Corn

21 Mar

Did anything in this film surprise you ? Disturb you ? Inspire you ?

Something in this film that surprised me and disturbed me was the evolution of farms and the transition from fruits and vegetables to corn . These days farms are not even farms. Farms before ( 1970’s and past) were all about raising healthy fruits and vegetables. Working on a farm or owning one was because they were passionate about it. They loved doing it. Now a days the government pays the farmer and makes them grow as much corn as they can . They have now turned farms into land that is used to grow corn. A WHOLE LOT OF CORN! So much corn that acres and acres are bought just to grow corn. Nearly 80,000,000 acres are used just for growing corn and we (U.S)  nearly produce 11.2 BILLION bushels per year. That’s more than 1 bushel for every single person on this planet. And that’s just the U.S. alone. The whole world produces about 690,668,292 TONS of corn every year. Corn these days has taken over the food industry. Nearly everything that is processed has trace of corn. Forget about processed food even beef and other farm animals are fed corn. There so much corn that the price of corn gets cheaper and cheaper. So cheap that farmers feed their livestock corn because it cost less. However the cows must pay a high price. They start to get sick, gain weight at a very rapid rate, have shorter lifespans. Something that inspired me was to grow food on a farm. I just found it really cool to see the food you eat grow right in front of your eyes. Growing food on a farm for me would be like “turning back the clock ” because my grandparents and great grandparents were raised on a farm. It would be amazing to have a 1900s or even 1800s experience in the 21st century.

King Corn – By Muhsin

21 Mar

Muhsin Mahfooz

1)Did anything in this film surprise you? 2) Disturb you? 3)Inspire you?

1- It surprised me that Ian and Curt got $28 just for starting to plant corn crops. The government literally pays you for planting corn. That’s the first time I heard of getting paid to grow crops. I also was surprised that so much of our food is made of corn that we don’t even realize it. Its surprises me that most of these corn growers are people whose parents and ancestors that also grew corn. Its a family business passed down. From watching this movie, its so much easier to grow corn with all the technology advancements that have developed. It’s surprising how fast the corn grows now. It’s surprising that all 7,000 acres of corn that’s grown in Colorado is all fed to the cattle. It’s surprising that the feed-lot worker in the movie was actually right, America wants cheap meat. The farmers are doing what the consumers want. They could have all grass fed beef but that would be expensive and would take long to harvest, so that’s not what most of America is looking for.

2- It disturbed me how most of the meat we eat come from animals that are fed corn. I In their natural habitat, cows eat grass, but now are fed corn so that they grow faster. I learned that its all about profit, the fastest way to get money in the pockets. All the animals are put in tight areas clumped together so that they walk less and gain weight fast, not caring about the animals. Its pure cruelty.  It disturbs me that having corn in everything we eat is really bad for us, a lot of people don’t know about this and need to be educated about it. It disturbs me that back in the day, the farmers grew food for themselves. Now the irony is that an Iowa farmer cant feed himself with the corn crops he grows. Corn is very bad for the cattle, feeding them corn is basically killing them slowly, its very bad for them. If they didn’t slaughter them, they would die in 6 months regardless from taking in all that corn. Its disgusting that the animals are fed what there not supposed to eat and on top of that are given antibiotics so they wouldn’t get sick.

3- This movie inspired me to actually look at the ingredients and try and make healthy choices at times because when do most of us teens actually care about whats in the ingredients? I could care less before, but now I will try choosing foods that are better for me because at the end of the day, we are what we eat. It disturbs me how they spray ammonia onto the corn to grow faster and fuller. In my opinion, that is so unnatural. Its inspiring to me that if I ever have cattle that I have to feed, I would taste test them both. I would have one that I feed all corn and then I would have one that I feed all grass, which is what they would naturally eat. I want to see that if there is an actual taste between them both too? I feel pretty sure that i will taste a major difference between the 2 meats, that the grass fed cattle would be better.

King Corn

5 Mar

-Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

It surprised me that corn is in everything even things like soda. They use corn as a sweetener and they feed it to cows instead of what they’re supposed to eat which is grass.

-Prior to viewing KING CORN, what image(s) came to mind when someone mentioned farms or farming? Did what you saw confirm or challenge that image? What did you learn from the film about current farming practices?

When I think of  farming I think of a few chickens running around, a couple cows, and a couple pigs. I think of a big red house and a white picket fence and the farmer has a relationship with his animals. What I saw was a bunch of cows all shoved into one area. It didn’t look like they had space to walk around and they pooped right on top of each other. The farmers didn’t really care for their animals all they care for is their profit.

Changing the way I Eat? What’s That?

6 Dec

Changing the way I eat? This can mean anything, from meals to snacks. I can change the snacks that I eat on a daily basis. But I cannot change the meals such as dinner and lunch. This won’t happen because the I am not the cook and When I get home the food is already made and ready to be eaten. The food I eat everyday is pretty much meat, rice, some vegetables, some fruit, and beans. During these times of food, I drink water, powder made juice or soda. To change this would take a lot about me because I am already used to this life style. I am used to the food I eat and the time spent eating this food has grown on me and thats almost all I eat. This change can really affect my life but I don’t think I am the person for a change like that. I cannot change the way I eat and have the food that my mother made just go to waste. For me to make a change like this I will have to change the way the people around me eat. This means I will have to cut down on my store or Bodega bought snacks: soda, chips, candy and anything else I want to buy from a store. I will have to carry my own food and get used to eating. This change will take a while to get used to and will take a  lot  of my life away from me.  Well everyone just needs a push and some help to make them see how this change can make them feel better about them selves and see a change in their body and habits.

Well  after seeing the movie King Corn and witnessing animals being tortured and killed for unexplained reasons have changed the way I think about food. If only everyone can see the  dangers and the mysterious things that happen on farms. Animals being treated as if they don’t have feelings or a sense of direction for their lives. If people can see how animals are killed when sick and kept in huge rooms and thrown around in machines to seperate them. Baby chicks were thrown into machines to seperate them from male and female. Males killed for extra meat and females raised to lay eggs and create more chicks. This process was disturbing because as they are being transported to the machines you can see dead chicks on the floor and no one bothers to clean this room or care about it. Cows were all bunched up in a room eating all day and given water. They had no freedom to walk around and excersize. In the process of cows eating they get sick and if not treated then they will die. They get surgury done by opening their stomachs and digging out all the food that stays left over around their organs. They do this to make the cows have enough meat to be killed and sold for more money.

This experience has officailly changed my mind about the way I think about food and how I will eat for the remainder of my days. If this cannot change your ways of eating I don’t know what will. The thing you should think about is how these animals are being treated, kindly or like nothing? If they are being treated in a way that makes you sick, why continye to eat thses animals? The more you eat these types of meat the more farms are going to produce them for the goverment to sell. So with that said, if we all can change a day or two, and not eat meat, then we can make a big difference in the governments desicion to provide us with meat and they’ll stop hiring farms to produce them. Animals will live free and have normal lives like they should.


14 Nov

A Bodega is a convenience store specializing in Hispanic groceries. Bodegas’ sell everything from groceries, detergent, diapers and medicine to kitchen tools. I believe Bodegas’ sell very unhealthy foods because its what’s popular and cheap. Bodega’s make money off of what people buy the most, which is junk food. Unfortunately, junk food is cheap and the public likes cheap, even though they know junk food is not good for them. Today, whole foods such as carrots, potatoes, lettuce, etc. are a lot more expensive than junk foods such as Oreos, Pop Tart, and Cheetos. Bodegas’ are very convenient, so people tend to shop there rather than a healthy grocery store further away. That’s why many communities are obese now. Overall bodegas’ are bad for communities, if you ask me I think they should get rid of some bodegas’ and replace them with supermarkets that sell whole foods. Maybe then communities will be a lot healthier as a whole.


14 Nov

Bodegas are delis or a mini market in your neighborhood. There are a variety of products that are being sold, ranging from different types of candies, chips, soda pops, ice cream, freshly made cold cut sandwiches and daily groceries. Although there are groceries, the quantity of junk food out numbers fresh fruits and vegetables greatly. Possibly the healthiest thing is the cold cut sandwiches being made in the bodegas. Everything else is usually prepackaged in a box or a wrapping of some sort and the fruits and vegetables are usually few in numbers and old. Bodegas sell unhealthy foods such as chips and candy bars because that is what is popular and therefore profitable. The owner of the bodegas are just businessmen looking to make money. The public’s interest is in unhealthy foods and so the bodegas will oblige and sell what is demanded. If the public was to ever change the demand to more of fresh vegetables and fruits then the bodega owners would change their stock. Selling fresh vegetables and fruits in a bodega is not profitable and therefore bodega owners would gain minimal if none or even lose profits if they were to switch over. I think bodegas are good for the community. They are convenient in your local neighborhood and offer quick food regardless if its unhealthy. If you want fresh groceries then head over to a real supermarket or a restaurant because a bodega is only a mini form of it and doesn’t even have the space. At the end of the day, bodega owners are businessmen and are looking to fill their pockets and selling unhealthy junk food are just more profitable than selling fresh vegetables and fruits.