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Thinking More Deeply About the Food We Eat

21 Mar

“King Corn” is a film made by two Yale graduates, Ian Cheney and Curtis Ellis. They return to the rural country in Iowa and film the sources behind our food production. Surprisingly, most of our food products contains corn, whether it’s McDonalds, steak, canned foods, and even in our hair products. When thinking about farms or farming, what usually comes to my mind is a peaceful scenario of a man feeding his hens with rice, cows with grass, and pigs with grain. However, much to my surprise, most animals are fed with CORN! In fact, for the last 35 years most of our generation has only had corn-fed beef.  Why? So America can produce cheaper meat, which is connected to the rise of obesity in America.  Corn is replaced as the regular diet food for all animals, specifically cows. In fact, cattle are placed in cattle boxes which will limit their movement so they could gain more weight. It’s horrendous, but it’s true. As more meat is being produced, the cost of meat decreases and it all depends on the harvesting large amounts of corn. So is corn to blame for the unhealthy eating habits of Americans? There’s no real answer to this question however, I will offer my two cents on this topic. My answer: Cheap food availability. We live in a century where our homeland’s food system has expanded tremendously to provide for all the neighbors around the block. Not only that,  but junk food cost less and less each year while the cost of fruits and vegetable skyrocket out the chart. Fast food chains are expanding all around (McDonald, Wendy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.) and  their food is cheaper and who wouldn’t save the extra money in the economy of today? To be fair, I will definitely pay more for food that was grown or raised in more healthy ways for people and/for the environment. Eating cheap junk food became a bad lifestyle for the past generations and it’s all fueled by bad decisions. Sometimes, it can’t be helped  based on financial issues since healthier food tends to cost more but it will definitely be the best choice.


Changing the way I Eat? What’s That?

6 Dec

Changing the way I eat? This can mean anything, from meals to snacks. I can change the snacks that I eat on a daily basis. But I cannot change the meals such as dinner and lunch. This won’t happen because the I am not the cook and When I get home the food is already made and ready to be eaten. The food I eat everyday is pretty much meat, rice, some vegetables, some fruit, and beans. During these times of food, I drink water, powder made juice or soda. To change this would take a lot about me because I am already used to this life style. I am used to the food I eat and the time spent eating this food has grown on me and thats almost all I eat. This change can really affect my life but I don’t think I am the person for a change like that. I cannot change the way I eat and have the food that my mother made just go to waste. For me to make a change like this I will have to change the way the people around me eat. This means I will have to cut down on my store or Bodega bought snacks: soda, chips, candy and anything else I want to buy from a store. I will have to carry my own food and get used to eating. This change will take a while to get used to and will take a  lot  of my life away from me.  Well everyone just needs a push and some help to make them see how this change can make them feel better about them selves and see a change in their body and habits.

Well  after seeing the movie King Corn and witnessing animals being tortured and killed for unexplained reasons have changed the way I think about food. If only everyone can see the  dangers and the mysterious things that happen on farms. Animals being treated as if they don’t have feelings or a sense of direction for their lives. If people can see how animals are killed when sick and kept in huge rooms and thrown around in machines to seperate them. Baby chicks were thrown into machines to seperate them from male and female. Males killed for extra meat and females raised to lay eggs and create more chicks. This process was disturbing because as they are being transported to the machines you can see dead chicks on the floor and no one bothers to clean this room or care about it. Cows were all bunched up in a room eating all day and given water. They had no freedom to walk around and excersize. In the process of cows eating they get sick and if not treated then they will die. They get surgury done by opening their stomachs and digging out all the food that stays left over around their organs. They do this to make the cows have enough meat to be killed and sold for more money.

This experience has officailly changed my mind about the way I think about food and how I will eat for the remainder of my days. If this cannot change your ways of eating I don’t know what will. The thing you should think about is how these animals are being treated, kindly or like nothing? If they are being treated in a way that makes you sick, why continye to eat thses animals? The more you eat these types of meat the more farms are going to produce them for the goverment to sell. So with that said, if we all can change a day or two, and not eat meat, then we can make a big difference in the governments desicion to provide us with meat and they’ll stop hiring farms to produce them. Animals will live free and have normal lives like they should.

King Corn: What We Really Eat

6 Dec

Thanks to the movie King Corn, we learned a lot about what happens to corn when it is harvested. We also found out that most, if not all, of the processed food and meat we eat contains corn or corn by product. While the movie brings up many issues and questions, the one that stuck out the most to how much corn is produced per acre. An acre that once produced only forty bushels of corn now produces one hundred and eighty bushels of corn. Since corn is a cheap, plentiful crop, it is many of our foods and drinks. Therefore, the more corn is produced, the more foods using corn or corn by products will be produced. This leads to an controversial question: can there be too much food?

Many people believe that you can’t have too much of a good thing, however that statement has been proven false many times. The amount food the United States of America produces is an example of when that statement is invalid. America makes a lot of food that will be distributed to supermarkets, bodegas, and any business that requires food. However thanks to expiration dates and the shear amount of food in stock, many of these products will be thrown away. From getting the ingredients to making the packages, making food takes up a lot of Americas resources. To use up all these resources for products where a lot of it will be thrown away is something that is hurting, and not helping, everyone in the USA. Also, the products that they aren’t selling will most likely go on sale, prompting many people to buy more food than they need, most of which is unhealthy. The overproduction of corn is causing the over production of food, which is hurting all of America.

The night of Thanksgiving…

15 Nov

Just like any other average family in America, my family members get together and give thanks to what they adore in life. My mother always goes crazy with all the sweet potato pie, turkey with stuffing, and fried chicken. But there’s nothing more I look forward to then my mother’s steam collard greens and baked macaroni and cheese. But it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at my house without the ham and pineapples. Sometimes, when my mother was not trying to cook everything herself, I got to help her make some of the food. But, now since I’m older, she tries to put most of the cooking on me. she tells me that I have to pass down our family food traditions, because my sisters don’t know how to cook.

My Bodega…

15 Nov

A Bodega is a small mini market usually located no more then a couple blocks away from a neighborhood. Its usually in a Spanish speaking community. Bodegas are very important in our society. In New York City , we lack supermarkets so the need for  local mini markets help a lot with travel and availability. But I do not agree with Bodegas because of how much unhealthy foods they possess. If we have more supermarkets and less bodegas, then obesity would most likely drop in NYC. But, because we don’t have local food marketing, we are forced to rely on whole and processed food that has to be imported from other states. People eat what is in the bodegas because its close by and their food choice is limit, not many people can afford healthy food all the time , especially when its rarely around them. I believe that bodegas are bad for communities because they don’t sell enough healthy and they promote food that is cheap and processed and most kids and adults don’t know what they’re consuming which can be bad for them.

What’s in a Bodega?

15 Nov

BODEGAS (small groceries)

A bodega can often be found in Spanish-Neighborhoods. It’s a small grocery store where people in the neighborhood can go and buy any product they need, since just like in a Super-Market, people can find several sort of foods; most of these bodegas sell both type of food (fast food and whole food). Bodegas get the product they sell from big companies and super markets. But all what they sell depends on what their customers usually choose to buy. Bodegas can be either, good and bad for a community; it’s good when these bodegas try to sell more whole foods, so perhaps people want to take some initiative to change the way they are used to eat most of the time. But it’s bad when there are competitions of “best stores” in a neighborhood because the ones who want to be the best, will sell more of what people often choose to buy, which without question can be defined as fast food and all those processed products. The only way to change what bodegas sell depends on people’s choices, because all what bodegas owners demand in companies is based on their costumers’ choices. In July 27th, 2006, a bill was introduced in a previous session of Congress. The bill was about small business like the bodegas, to increase access to and consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy alternatives in low-income communities with high incidences of obesity and obesity-related disease (www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/109/hr5952/text). They did this because they wanted more access of bodegas to the community, and also because they believe that bodegas are healthier than restaurants and/or super markets in a neighborhood. But today, what bodegas are selling the most are chips (processed products), and less whole food, even some stores don’t have any whole foods at all. I think bodegas sell unhealthy foods such as chips, candy bars, sodas (fast/processed foods) because it’s what the majority of people buy at stores. Even though some people want to make changes, they just can’t because what stores have available are all these sort of foods.


15 Nov

A bodega is a corner store, mini market; they have many different names for them. Bodegas sell any junk food a kid, teenager or adult. There junk goes from the filthiest, unhealthy, greasiest chips to the most fating chocolate bars and to candy. Most people go to bodegas  for junk but a lot of adults go for cigarettes or other smoking stuff. Bodegas also sell sodas and unhealthy drinks but also have milk, they also have oil, sugar and some canned food to cook with. I believe bodegas sell unhealthy foods because that’s what most people would buy and its cheaper; also with the msg in it, it fills people up faster than normal healthy food. I think bodegas are good for community’s because they are cheap and most people want a quick snack to eat that is cheap and that’s what bodegas offer.