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24 Mar

Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

I didn’t know that cattle eat corn in there whole life in U.S. In this film it shows  how corn  are now mostly all in  our foods that we eat. Corn are really big manufacture in United State.There are so many stuffs are made out of corn for example, corn syrups which is in soda, chocolates etc. U.S agricultural  policy  said, “in 2007, 92.9 million acres of farmland were devoted to growing corn. In contrast, 2 million acres were planted in vegetables.” This data shows how corn are really important for this country rather than vegetable which are more healthy for us.  This is really surprising  how people grow so much corn, which really don’t help us as much as other vegetable do for body.

What are the benefits and drawback of having cheap food available?Would you be willing to pay more for good food that was grown or raised in more healthy ways for people and/or for the environment? Why or why not? Do you currently purchase foods that are locally produced or organic, even though they are more expensive than food produced  using commercial farming methods? why or why not?

As you know mostly  processed food are made out of corns is either corn syrup or something to do with corn. I knew that processed food is one of the cause of obesity and heart disease and other health problems. Government paying farmer to grow corn so they can make syrups or oil and add in our food. The benefits of having food is available for everyone and it cost less.  You have more food and more variety.  I would  pay more to have good and healthy foods. Its better to give more money and to good food.


King Corn

24 Mar

If you could ask Curt or Ian a question, what would you ask and why?

I would ask Ian, ” Would you still see fast food after you realized that some foods contained corn inside of it?” Why would I ask a question like that is, because when I heard that animals that fed corn also most corn products are in foods and drinks that we eat. In the documentary, they ate fast food like hamburger which is beef that has corn in it and drink soda that contain high fructose corn syrup. In the end, they leave the country and I was curious if they still eat fast food after they discover corn in it.  I wonder if Ian change his way of eat or that he will continue on eating fast food after the adventure he had with Curt.

Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

One thing that surprise me during the documentary was that the country has  mountains full of corn seeds. People get more money for farming acre of  beans than corns. Corns have different color than yellow. I didn’t know corns were came from the south. One thing that disturb me during the documentary was that in the introduction, the scientist inform Ian and Curt that their hair contained corn in them. He say that the food that we eat affect your body. The cows are fed with corn and have no area to walk around in. They place a hole in the cow stomach in order to observe when they will die. They will eat them before they die. The hamburger patties is mostly fat that contained corns. One thing that inspire

Do you think you will change anything about the way you eat?

After discovering that my corn contain mostly due to food. Also that high fructose corn syrup are dangerous and that it is in soda. The taxi driver say that his father died due to diabetes and his father decline when the doctor told him to remove the leg. The taxi driver’s father say that he rather died than doing another operation. I believe that I lower the amount of soda drink per weeks. I should read the label to check the ingredients.

King Corn

5 Mar

-Did anything in this film surprise you? Disturb you? Inspire you?

It surprised me that corn is in everything even things like soda. They use corn as a sweetener and they feed it to cows instead of what they’re supposed to eat which is grass.

-Prior to viewing KING CORN, what image(s) came to mind when someone mentioned farms or farming? Did what you saw confirm or challenge that image? What did you learn from the film about current farming practices?

When I think of  farming I think of a few chickens running around, a couple cows, and a couple pigs. I think of a big red house and a white picket fence and the farmer has a relationship with his animals. What I saw was a bunch of cows all shoved into one area. It didn’t look like they had space to walk around and they pooped right on top of each other. The farmers didn’t really care for their animals all they care for is their profit.

King Corn

13 Dec

In the documentary “King Corn”, it followed two young men who decided to invest in growing an acre in Iowa and follow it after harvest. They spoke about the uses of corn and how America utilizes it for the public and the type of fertilizer they used for the growing of the corn. One of the types of fertilizers they used was anhydrous ammonia, which with its use, produced 4x more corn than what their forefathers would’ve done.

Also in the documentary, they spoke about the uses of corn itself and what it would turn into. After the harvest, the corn is taken to a town elevator, weighed and dumped with other corn. They stated that about 32% of one acre would be turned into ethanol, 490lbs would become sweeteners such as fructose corn syrup and over 1/2 (5500) pounds would be fed to animals to become meat.  Whats shocking about this is that now cow’s are now put on a corn diet, about 60% of their was corn. Cow’s weren’t meant to be on a corn diet, after 3 months they start becoming sick and someone from the movie made a comment saying “It’s a good thing they’re slaughtered when they are ‘cause they’d be dead in six months anyway—it kills them to make the meat like that.” This inspired me to really take a second look on the type of meats that are being processed and fed to the public, because I don’t want to be fed meat thats already sick, and its made me think of other healthy alternatives besides meat.

Do You Know How Your Tax Dollars are used in Farming ?

13 Dec

Taxpayers would be in for a shock if they found out how their tax dollars are used for farming. On farms animals are fed corn even if it kills them only because it makes them fatter faster. They are in small densely packed areas where they can’t move around much because it helps them gain weight faster.  The corn the animals are fed is not good for them because the animals are not supposed to eat corn as it can kill them but that is all they are fed on feedlots. 70% of the U.S’s antibiotics is consumed by the animals on the farms .

Taxpayers money funds this mistreatment of animals like how baby chickens once born are taken from their mothers to have their beaks cut off so they can’t  peck anything.  This process hurts them but they can’t do anything about it, and it is terrible and should be stopped. When they are older most chickens can’t walk more than a few steps because they fall down because of how fat they have become in such a short time from all the corn they consume. Would you want to stop this?

Because of all the corn, that you fund, that is fed to the animals almost all of our food has corn in it. The corn is also unhealthy for us because it is used as a sweetener in artificial food and is killing us. you are basically paying the government to kill you. Also your tax dollars are going into the production of corn and over 30% of the corn isn’t even in our food. The corn that is growing is sprayed with ammonia and pesticides. It must be asked would you want to fund all this with your own food?


Corn corn corn and corn!!!

13 Dec

How many of you guys know that most of the food we eat nowadays are made of corn?

The current farm practices and policies are not producing healthy food for American today. Why? Actually I really don’t understand it at all. The government gives money to the farms for them grow corn and then make corn into many different kinds of goods. Resulting many food we eat today are related to corn, such as corn syrup, corn starch, and even gums have corn in it. Comparing corn-made products to those organic and locally grow food, it’s no doubt that the organic and locally grow food have more nutrients than those corn-made food. That’s why I don’t understand why the government will have this policy that to grow lots of corn. I really don’t understand.

So, who is the responsible to change the system? Consumers? Farmers? Legislators? Food companies? Food retailers? Or the health professionals?

To me, I think all of them listed above have the responsibility to change the system. First, I really recommend those group of consumers to think twice before they are going to buy something to eat. It’s because we are what we eat. They have to understand what ingredients that the food contains and to know whether this food is good or bad to our body. If consumers start to think twice before they are going to buy something to eat. I’m sure there will be a huge change in the food market. Besides, for the farmers, although I understand they are ordered by the government and received money from them in order to grow corn. But I just think that can they grow food other than corn? If there is a farmer start to grow organic food other than corn, maybe other farmers will follow, too! If they grow more local food, they can provide Americans more healthy food, and the price of those local healthy food won’t be that high due to the supply and demand problem. After that, more people will choose to buy them because they are cheaper than before while they are much more healthier. For the legislators, because they have power to pass the policy and so thy must have the power to replace this policy. And this policy is so bad that harmful to all Americans. I’m sure that they can change it. For the food companies, I understand that they want to make money. And after they earned money, they want to earn more and more money. People never satisfy with the money! If the food company consider twice about whether the food is good to the public or not before they are going to sell them, most of the Americans won’t suffer obesity. I think the food company do have responsibility to sell food which are not harmful to the public health. And the food retailers need to sell more healthy food to the customers, too! And I suggest that if they lower the price of those local and organic food, there will be more people willing to buy them. It’s because lower price of food always attract people to buy them. Also, I think they need to get more different kinds of healthy food from the suppliers such that they can sell them to the public. This help to make Americans more healthy. Lastly, I think that the health professionals need to start educating or teaching the children how to choose healthy food to eat and get rid of those unhealthy junk food by holding a talk show or some  presentations. This can help our next generations to have a basic concept on the healthy food issue and can help them to have a healthier body!


6 Dec


I believe I will eat the same way I do now but with a little more concern and thought into what I am eating and putting into my body because after watching the video king corn i learned a lot about high fructose corn syrup. high fructose corn syrup is a sweetener made by processing corn syrup to increase the level of fructose, usually to between 42% and 55% of the total sugar, with the balance being glucose. It is used extensively as a sweetener in processed foods and soft drinks, particularly soda and baked goods, but it is included also in many foods not normally thought of as sweet foods. after learning more in dept about high fructose corn syrup I now know it’s not good for my health. since then its a habit for me  to now look at the ingredients labeled on everything food related. I check to see if high fructose corn syrup is labeled and if so I always think of how many times I drank or ate that product not knowing the consequences it has upon my health later in life. high fructose corn syrup can cause a lot of health/death risks such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and/or liver failure. at times i start to question myself when im at stores, I wonder how many pounds I must have been putting on from this one product?, is this pack of oreos going to push my health over the edge?, ect these question made me change how I eat little by little. I try to eat more fruits and less junk.   what I eat affects me and my future so I try to be more cautious on what I put into my body and try to make healthier choices so I could have a future.