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King Corn

21 Mar

In the documentary King Corn, Curt and Ian had traveled around the country to see how much corn Americans really consume and how much its unhealthy for us. What surprised me the most in this film was how much corn we actually consume in our daily lives. All processed foods are made with corn. Even the meat that we cook is fed with mostly corn. Animals are forced to eat corn to gain weight and get fat and be slaughtered and sold to a local market near you. However, the average American spends a smaller percentage of their income on food than ever before in American history. Food is cheaper. Even parents who have low income jobs can now afford to feed a family of four with their salary. But what does it matter if the food isn’t healthy? In my opinion, if Americans would have to pay more just to have a healthier diet , that’s a price they would just have to pay. I would like the government to spend my tax dollars on food that wouldn’t kill me in the long run.


King Corn

21 Mar

Did anything in this film surprise you ? Disturb you ? Inspire you ?

Something in this film that surprised me and disturbed me was the evolution of farms and the transition from fruits and vegetables to corn . These days farms are not even farms. Farms before ( 1970’s and past) were all about raising healthy fruits and vegetables. Working on a farm or owning one was because they were passionate about it. They loved doing it. Now a days the government pays the farmer and makes them grow as much corn as they can . They have now turned farms into land that is used to grow corn. A WHOLE LOT OF CORN! So much corn that acres and acres are bought just to grow corn. Nearly 80,000,000 acres are used just for growing corn and we (U.S)  nearly produce 11.2 BILLION bushels per year. That’s more than 1 bushel for every single person on this planet. And that’s just the U.S. alone. The whole world produces about 690,668,292 TONS of corn every year. Corn these days has taken over the food industry. Nearly everything that is processed has trace of corn. Forget about processed food even beef and other farm animals are fed corn. There so much corn that the price of corn gets cheaper and cheaper. So cheap that farmers feed their livestock corn because it cost less. However the cows must pay a high price. They start to get sick, gain weight at a very rapid rate, have shorter lifespans. Something that inspired me was to grow food on a farm. I just found it really cool to see the food you eat grow right in front of your eyes. Growing food on a farm for me would be like “turning back the clock ” because my grandparents and great grandparents were raised on a farm. It would be amazing to have a 1900s or even 1800s experience in the 21st century.

Thinking More Deeply About the Food We Eat

21 Mar

“King Corn” is a film made by two Yale graduates, Ian Cheney and Curtis Ellis. They return to the rural country in Iowa and film the sources behind our food production. Surprisingly, most of our food products contains corn, whether it’s McDonalds, steak, canned foods, and even in our hair products. When thinking about farms or farming, what usually comes to my mind is a peaceful scenario of a man feeding his hens with rice, cows with grass, and pigs with grain. However, much to my surprise, most animals are fed with CORN! In fact, for the last 35 years most of our generation has only had corn-fed beef.  Why? So America can produce cheaper meat, which is connected to the rise of obesity in America.  Corn is replaced as the regular diet food for all animals, specifically cows. In fact, cattle are placed in cattle boxes which will limit their movement so they could gain more weight. It’s horrendous, but it’s true. As more meat is being produced, the cost of meat decreases and it all depends on the harvesting large amounts of corn. So is corn to blame for the unhealthy eating habits of Americans? There’s no real answer to this question however, I will offer my two cents on this topic. My answer: Cheap food availability. We live in a century where our homeland’s food system has expanded tremendously to provide for all the neighbors around the block. Not only that,  but junk food cost less and less each year while the cost of fruits and vegetable skyrocket out the chart. Fast food chains are expanding all around (McDonald, Wendy’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc.) and  their food is cheaper and who wouldn’t save the extra money in the economy of today? To be fair, I will definitely pay more for food that was grown or raised in more healthy ways for people and/for the environment. Eating cheap junk food became a bad lifestyle for the past generations and it’s all fueled by bad decisions. Sometimes, it can’t be helped  based on financial issues since healthier food tends to cost more but it will definitely be the best choice.

My Bodega…

15 Nov

A Bodega is a small mini market usually located no more then a couple blocks away from a neighborhood. Its usually in a Spanish speaking community. Bodegas are very important in our society. In New York City , we lack supermarkets so the need for  local mini markets help a lot with travel and availability. But I do not agree with Bodegas because of how much unhealthy foods they possess. If we have more supermarkets and less bodegas, then obesity would most likely drop in NYC. But, because we don’t have local food marketing, we are forced to rely on whole and processed food that has to be imported from other states. People eat what is in the bodegas because its close by and their food choice is limit, not many people can afford healthy food all the time , especially when its rarely around them. I believe that bodegas are bad for communities because they don’t sell enough healthy and they promote food that is cheap and processed and most kids and adults don’t know what they’re consuming which can be bad for them.

What’s in a Bodega?

15 Nov

BODEGAS (small groceries)

A bodega can often be found in Spanish-Neighborhoods. It’s a small grocery store where people in the neighborhood can go and buy any product they need, since just like in a Super-Market, people can find several sort of foods; most of these bodegas sell both type of food (fast food and whole food). Bodegas get the product they sell from big companies and super markets. But all what they sell depends on what their customers usually choose to buy. Bodegas can be either, good and bad for a community; it’s good when these bodegas try to sell more whole foods, so perhaps people want to take some initiative to change the way they are used to eat most of the time. But it’s bad when there are competitions of “best stores” in a neighborhood because the ones who want to be the best, will sell more of what people often choose to buy, which without question can be defined as fast food and all those processed products. The only way to change what bodegas sell depends on people’s choices, because all what bodegas owners demand in companies is based on their costumers’ choices. In July 27th, 2006, a bill was introduced in a previous session of Congress. The bill was about small business like the bodegas, to increase access to and consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy alternatives in low-income communities with high incidences of obesity and obesity-related disease (www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/109/hr5952/text). They did this because they wanted more access of bodegas to the community, and also because they believe that bodegas are healthier than restaurants and/or super markets in a neighborhood. But today, what bodegas are selling the most are chips (processed products), and less whole food, even some stores don’t have any whole foods at all. I think bodegas sell unhealthy foods such as chips, candy bars, sodas (fast/processed foods) because it’s what the majority of people buy at stores. Even though some people want to make changes, they just can’t because what stores have available are all these sort of foods.


15 Nov

A bodega is a corner store, mini market; they have many different names for them. Bodegas sell any junk food a kid, teenager or adult. There junk goes from the filthiest, unhealthy, greasiest chips to the most fating chocolate bars and to candy. Most people go to bodegas  for junk but a lot of adults go for cigarettes or other smoking stuff. Bodegas also sell sodas and unhealthy drinks but also have milk, they also have oil, sugar and some canned food to cook with. I believe bodegas sell unhealthy foods because that’s what most people would buy and its cheaper; also with the msg in it, it fills people up faster than normal healthy food. I think bodegas are good for community’s because they are cheap and most people want a quick snack to eat that is cheap and that’s what bodegas offer.


15 Nov

Bodega is a convenience store where people can buy lots of stuff they need. For instance, people can buy groceries, toiletries, alcoholic and soft drinks, tobacco products, and newspapers. Bodegas sell the groceries, but the customers determine what stuff to sell in Bodegas. Bodegas sell what customers want and need so that they can satisfy customers’ needs and earn more money.

So, where do Bodegas owners get the food  they sell? They get food from the supplier, obviously. They mostly sell chips, sandwiches, beers, cigarettes, and other groceries. And they usually charge at a lower price than supermarkets, especially the junk food. Thus, people are more willing to buy stuff in Bodegas rather than in supermarkets.

But, in fact, are Bodegas good for the community? I think that Bodegas are both good and bad for the community. Why? It’s because, with the Bodegas, people can buy stuff conveniently. Instead of walking to a supermarket that’s further away, they can just go to Bodegas because they are usually close to the residential area. Furthermore, when people in the early morning, rushing to school or work, they can simply walk into a Bodega and buy whatever they want to have as breakfast, like sandwiches, breads or any other stuff. Compare to those group of people who need to walk further and get into a supermarket to grab something for breakfast, they need to scan the whole place to get what they want, and afterwards, they still need to line up a long queue to pay. So, it’s no doubt that Bodegas help people to save time  and it brings loads of convenience to the neighborhood.

On the other hand, what is the disadvantages of Bodegas? It’s the unhealthy food problem. In American, most people are suffering obesity simply because they eat too much junk food like chips, chocolate and any other snacks. I agree that unhealthy food is the most popular in the Bodegas cause they are much more delicious than those healthy food such as vegetables. And therefore Bodegas sell unhealthy food, mostly. But, actually they sell healthy food, too. People choose to buy those unhealthy food, instead of the healthy food. Why? Why people keep buying those unhealthy food and ignore those healthy food? In my opinion, I think it’s because unhealthy food is much more cheaper, and attractive to the customers. Plus, They have colorful and nice packaging, which definitely attract more customers to buy it, while healthy food is usually look artless.

So, to conclude, I think that Bodegas is both good and bad for the community. It’s good because it can provide the neighborhood a convenience store, which help people to save their time, is surely good for the community. But at the same time, it’s bad for the community because people usually buy unhealthy junk food in the Bodegas that they ignored those group of healthy food at all. Thus, most people in America suffering obesity because of the unhealthy junk food. And therefore it’s not good for the community.

To be a smart consumer, I recommend you to start buying healthy food today! 🙂 It benefits both yourself and your families! 😀